What You Should Not Use When Cleaning Your Quartz Countertop in Toronto


If you have quartz countertops, then you’re likely familiar with the many advantages this beautiful material brings to the table. One of the most popular reasons homeowners love quartz countertops in Toronto is their durability. The second highest reason is just as important: quartz surfaces are a breeze to keep clean.

Quartz is a dream to maintain because it repels liquids and is manufactured with a built-in finish. You don’t need to schedule regular deep-cleaning or re-sealing. However, keeping up the fresh look of gleaming kitchen surfaces requires the right approach. If you apply tips and tricks used on other counter materials, you may end up doing more harm than good. Here are 4 quartz faux pas to avoid.

1. Strong Chemicals

Life happens in the kitchen, and you’re bound to face spills and messes from time to time. When you feel anxious that ordinary cleaners aren’t up to the task, it can be tempting to go overboard to scrub away dirt and stains.

Quartz by Quartex Surfaces are 93% natural crystal and 7% binding agents that produce a practical, non-porous, harder-than-granite surface. Harsh chemicals can deteriorate the resin that holds your counters together and mar the finish.

Quartz is highly stain-resistant. In many cases warm, soapy water can clean away spills and debris. If you’re trying to remove ink, nail polish, or other challenging substances, our experts can recommend safe ways to treat those. Resist using any products that contain Trichlorethane or Methylene chloride, such as paint remover or strippers.

2. Abrasive Cleaning Agents

Similar to how chemicals can damage your quartz countertops in Toronto, harsh scrubbing with abrasive cleaners can also mar the finish of your beautiful kitchen surfaces. When dealing with stubborn gunk, there are a few tricks you can try without resorting to harsh scrub pads or abrasive cleaners like Comet, Soft Scrub or SOS.

3. Wax

Toronto quartz countertops never require wax or additional sealing for protection, since they are manufactured ready-to-install and use. Products intended to add a glossy shine can result in residue on your countertops that appears grimy and provides traction for dirt and dust to stick.

4. Oil-Based Soaps

Oil-based soaps have been specially formulated for surfaces made from natural stone, like granite. Granite slabs are porous, so oil-based cleansers are useful because the soap soaks into the counter to cleanse it deeply and will not be thoroughly rinsed away. With quartz, everything stays on the surface.

When washing quartz counters, regular dish soap is a great product to cut through any grease and lift away dirt. Use a water-soluble cleanser and rinse the area liberally after cleaning to remove all traces of product.

Less is more when it comes to keeping your countertops sparkling! By regularly wiping up spills or messes as they happen, you can avoid stuck-on gunk in the first place. If you’re struggling with a stain or spill and want advice, let our experts advise you on solutions you can try. Our “limited lifetime warranty” means we’re not just there for your purchase and installation but are committed to helping you enjoy your investment in flawless countertops for years to come.

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