Built from the ground up, we are changing the quartz surfaces marketplace. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, our team has over 25 years of experience in the surfaces industry. We are passionate about our quartz product line.

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Stain Resistant. If you’re canning beets, you don’t have to worry about staining your gorgeous new white countertop. Unlike granite, Quartex surfaces are non-porous. This means there are no little spaces or empty air within the surfaces. Staining liquids or materials do not penetrate or seep into Quartex surfaces – so no more worries about
Quartz countertops bring nature to your door. Quartz is not only a natural mineral, but rates 7.0 on Moh’s Hardness Scale, which is the accepted measure of scratch resistance of any material today. Only diamonds, topaz, and sapphires, with a ranking of 10, rank harder than quartz.

Unlike granite surfaces that require special cleaning and constant re-sealing, the hardness of Quartex surfaces and the non-porous composition makes clean up and maintenance easy! Quartex surfaces can be cleaned with just soap and water and you never need to worry about re-sealing – Quartex surfaces are sealed naturally. Granite surfaces are porous and little bacterial bugs can get trapped inside, creating bacterial growth – something you definitely don’t want in your kitchen or bathroom! Because of the non-porous nature of Quartex surfaces, bacteria causing agents are unable to penetrate the surface and create bacterial growth. With Quartex surfaces you are assured your quartz countertop in Toronto is as clean as it looks!

Colour &

Quartex offers colour choices and innovative texturing. Quartex surfaces may be sandblasted or embossed and offer appearances similar to limestone, textured slate or a high gloss granite finish.

With Quartex

Freedom & Design Detail.

Our manufacturing process will give you a range of possibilities and a colour consistency you never thought possible.


 Unlike granite, quartz surfaces are much more versatile and offer a range of design options, installation techniques and a wide range of edging possibilities. Quartex understands the details in design. The Quartex team will work with you not only to choose colours, create colour consistency but will also explore the finer details with you such as height and edge profiles. Whether you’re considering bevel, ogee, bullnose or chaufer edging options, Quartex can do them all! We will work with you and recommend options for all the details in your surfaces – even the smaller ones. We will explore our shades, grains and pattern options with you and unlock the full potential of your design.



Although Quartex does not sell directly to homeowners, homeowners can visit our showroom to get inspired and feel the Quartex difference. The Quartex team will explain all the design options, colour selection and share our love of quartz with you. If you have a contractor or designer you’re working with, we will liaison with them to illuminate and help create your vision. If you don’t have a fabricator or designer yet, we can guide you in the right direction so you can find the perfect match to ensure your vision is precisely installed and provide you with the home/ office you’ve always dreamed of.



When you think of surfaces, you might think of your kitchen countertop or your bathroom surface. As the two most prominent surfaces in your home and the surfaces you probably use the most, these are areas where quartz countertops in Toronto can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. But Quartex surfaces are not just about kitchen countertops. You’ll be surprised what you can do with Quartex surfaces. A Quartex backsplash offers versatile designs and exceptional beauty. Quartex also offers surface options for commercial space. Quartz is the perfect material for tub and shower surrounds and quartz office desks provide a clean and elegant look. Quartz can be used to surround your fireplace for an opulent and majestic look! If you want to explore the options and see the Quartex designs, view our gallery or to get the full experience, visit our showroom today. At Quartex we believe in delivering product quality and high customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of quartz surfaces and offering you gorgeous quartz selections that will turn your home or commercial space into a work of art.

Quartex Difference

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, our team has over 25 years of experience in the natural stone surfaces industry, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience in building your design from the ground up. At Quartex, we believe in using nature to create magnificent surfaces that offer luxury to your residential or commercial applications.

The Quartex team prides themselves on offering beautiful quartz countertops in Toronto, exceptional customer service and a welcoming showroom. The Quartex team offers experienced solutions to contractors, renovators and designers supplying the highest quality selection of quartz surfaces to exceed their client’s dreams. The Quartex team knows what you’re looking for and knows what questions you need answers to. The Quartex team provides exceptional service and speaks the language of contractors and renovators. We are able to work with you efficiently and effectively to provide design options, information and assistance to create a surface space that meets all of your design needs, Quartex offers a collection of high-quality quartz surfaces to meet and exceed your design ideas. Contact us today or drop in and experience our state of the art showroom.


If you’re considering renovating, revamping or installing new surfaces, Quartex offers a wide variety of colour and pattern selections you can’t find anywhere else. Quartex surfaces provide stunning colour selections, patterning and surface finishes to make any home and commercial surfaces distinctively opulent. Quartex surfaces are made with the highest quality quartz and offer durability and beauty without the maintenance. For years, granite was the superior surface choice for kitchen designers, renovators and home owners desiring durability and beauty from their surfaces. Granite soon became less desired as consumers discovered the amount of time and money needed to take care of granite surfaces.

of Today


Although quartz surfaces have been around for years, the lack of style and colour choices offered made them unpopular. But not anymore! In recent years, manufacturers of quartz have designed quartz surfaces that offer enhanced beauty in colour and texture choices without the maintenance common with other surfaces. The benefits of quartz surfaces and enhancements to finishes and design have pushed quartz surfaces to the forefront of intricate surfacing design. And for good reason – kitchen designers love the look of quartz; home owners love the durability while contractors and renovators love the ease of installation and design friendliness of quartz surfaces.

What is

Quartex supplies its customer’s superior quality surfaces for every area of your home. Quartex surfaces are made of quartz, a natural mineral that is used with other naturally occurring minerals to engineer resilient surfaces. What makes Quartex surfaces different from other surfaces are the hard-wearing qualities of quartz. Quartz provides a 7.0 on Moh’s hardness scale and is surpassed by diamonds and topaz which are 10.0 on the hardness scale. What does this 7.0 mean for your home or commercial space? Quartex surfaces are made of 93% quartz, providing natural solidity and resistance. Installing Quartex surfaces provides naturally resilient, scratch-resistant and easy to clean surfaces. And unlike granite, Quartex surfaces can be installed easily and made to compliment even the most intricate of designs. Quartex slabs can be book matched (2 or more slabs of stone that result in a mirror image) in order to create a perfectly seamless look.


Our ever-growing collection of stone colours and patterns are yours to discover. No matter what your design dream is or the colours you want to work with, Quartex services can provide a huge selection of options. From dark colours to bright hues, smooth and glossy finishes to more textured offerings, the Quartex Collection provides an unmatched selection and incomparable choices. The Quartex team are experts at providing product recommendations that match your vision and exceed your expectations. Browse through our stunning collection or view our gallery for inspiration.We are sure that our selections will not only meet but exceed your needs.


Our talented team will offer their expertise to assist you in your purchase. If you have a design in mind or have questions about Quartex surfaces, we can answer them. We can also work with you to provide solutions to your budgeting challenges. Our team is knowledgeable and dedicated in guiding you every step of the way. The Quartex team doesn’t just take you through the showroom and help you with your purchases; we provide service all the way through your design experience. We employ a full time knowledgeable and experienced service and repair technician to solve and repair your surfaces challenges. With our huge selection of choices and knowledge of the Quartex team, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us today or visit our showroom or explore our website and take the first step to creating beauty, elegance and durability for your residential/commercial applications.
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