Why Are Quartz Countertops in Toronto Perfect For The Kitchen?

quartz countertops in Toronto
Taking a more reserved approach to kitchen renovation often helps with keeping budgets in check. This will also allow convenient use of your kitchen throughout the project, as opposed to during a full-scale renovation. In Toronto, quartz countertops offer practical and beautiful options to suit all tastes and budgets.

What Should I Start With?

First, you should consider the floor plan and how your kitchen is laid out. If you already like the layout of your kitchen, rejuvenating counters is a great place to begin. The options available for kitchen countertops are nearly endless. From marble to granite, tile to anything between, your options are plentiful. Though all of these materials have advantages over each other, here we will be focusing on Toronto quartz countertops.

Reselling Quartz Equipped Homes And Valuation

During any type of renovation, it’s always useful to keep your home’s resale value in the back of your mind. These types of countertops have a reputation of being appealing to potential buyers. One of many reasons this could be the case is due to the pure rugged beauty that quartz brings to the home but without the high price point of more expensive material.

Quartz’s Versatility

Because quartz countertops are manufactured in a factory, you can take your pick from a wide range of colours – something that less engineered materials fail to offer customers. These countertops can also utilize recycled glass in its makeup, allowing for unique customization.

Why Quartz for The Kitchen? Durability

A major complaint of granite or marble owners is how quickly they stain. Due to stone’s porous nature, they absorb food and pigments and don’t let go of it. This leads to easy staining on these surfaces unless you’re careful. For practical, daily use,quartz countertops have a resin finish, leading to a low-maintenance and forgiving surface for your family, and kids especially, to eat on. Soap and water is enough for quartz. No toxic stone cleaner required.


Quartz brings the best of both worlds, with its durability but also its ability to mimic the look of expensive stone countertops.

Keep It Clean

In 2018, our kitchens have become more than just a space for food preparation. For many, this room is the heart of the home – a place for gathering, enjoying each others company and even working. The kitchen isone of the more high-traffic rooms in a house, but with added activity comes more frequent messes. A key feature that quartz offersis its antimicrobial nature. That prevents undesirables such as mildew and mould from forming, as well as preventing the spread of bacteria. Quartz doesn’t need to be resealed regularly. Granite is tedious to clean, requiring different specific oils and products. If you’re a busy person with plenty to do in your day other than clean, you should consider bringing quartz into your home rather than granite.

Installation Advice

We’re now living in the age of DIY where it seems that just about any project can be tackled by a novice with energy and YouTube in their toolbelt, but we suggest that given the weight of Quartz slabs, professional installation is really essential. If you get a slab big enough, you could have a seamless countertop running the entire length of your desired surface, but if not handledcorrectly, it can crack. This would be a costly mistake, and you would have to source a new piece or work with your broken pieces. At Quartex in Toronto, quartz countertopinstallation means you can have a stress-free renovation and no chance of getting hurt or damaging your materials.

Why Is Quartz So Much Cheaper Than Granite?

An essential factor leading to lower cost is not quality of the product, but simply due to it being manufactured locally. Materials like granite need to be mined, often in a foreign country, and then transported to you. Due to the expense of moving heavy merchandise, you’ll be paying more for materials such as those. With quartz, however, you can support local business and enjoy the savings for projects in other areas of your space. We hope you’re as excited about quartz as we are. We welcome you to call and speak with our materials experts or come to see our beautiful showroom today.

Stain Resistant

Natural Durability

Low Maintenance

Colour & Texture