What Type of Tiles Can I Install Around My Fireplace in Toronto?


When you’re ready to upgrade and reface your fireplace in Toronto, Quartex has you covered. The options are nearly endless. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the best tile choices.

Ceramic Fireplace Tiling

Can ceramic tiles be used for your fireplace? Absolutely. Ceramic tiling comes in a broad range of different colours and designs, all while being quite budget-friendly. For these reasons, many people choose ceramic tiling for their fireplace surround.

Porcelain Fireplace Tiling

Much denser than ceramic and more durable, porcelain is a beautiful and versatile choice for your Toronto fireplace as well. Porcelain can be customized to the point that it mimics other materials flawlessly. These include marble, terracotta, leather, linen, metal, and more.

Porcelain ranks as one of the top picks for use around the fireplace due to its cost-effective nature, easy maintenance and a significant number of personalization options.

Marble Fireplace Tiling

Marble is always a reliable and classic pick for your fireplace. While most often pictured in black, white, and gray, marble fireplace tile can also be found in colours such as green, red, and pink if you’d like something that stands out and captures a room. As with other natural stones, marble tiles come in finishes that can make them appear glossy or weathered depending on what you like.

Granite Fireplace Tiling

Granite is often considered to be among the strongest and most heat-resistant tiling materials out there. This and its scratch-proof properties make it an excellent choice to be used as a hearth material. Your hearth will take a lot of wear and tear in its lifetime. Very easy to clean, and durable, granite is an excellent choice. While granite is a little more pricey than the competition, you can be sure that you get what you pay for. Granite is known to survive many lifetimes, and colouring options range anywhere between black, pink or white.

Even though this material is generally utilized in traditional or contemporary installations, black granite fireplace tiles, especially when they have a polished finish, are a very sleek looking option for modern spaces.

Slate Fireplace Tiles

When it comes to rustic elegance, none does it better than slate. Owners of slate take advantage of many different colours to choose from, ranging from orange all the way to black. Slate makes an excellent earth tone for your surround or hearth and can be the ideal material for a cottage or rustic home. Uniform colour is also an option if you are aiming at a more understated aesthetic for your fireplace. More often than not, this is what slate is known for.

Rough textured slate tiling or even split faced rectangular tiles are very popular for that country feeling. Alternately, with a smooth and flat surface, slate can often also pull off the modern and clean atmosphere with ease. Slate is a beautiful material for any form of Toronto fireplace application. You can rely on its natural beauty to pull together your living space and draw everyone to curl up in front of the fire. No matter what you select, our experts are ready to help bring comfort and contemporary, high-end design to your home.

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