Top Tips for Creating A Stunning Quartz Surround for Your Fireplace in Toronto


As cold weather batters the city, one of the best ways to warm up is around a fireplace. Whether you’re looking for a cozy place to curl up with a book, or you want a place to sit around some roaring flames with friends, installing a quartz surround for your Toronto fireplace is a sure-fire way to keep warm and stylish this season.

What Colour Works For You?

When you’re deciding what colour of quartz to use, consider the other décor in the room. Do you want the surround to blend in with the overall design, or would you prefer it pop and draw all eyes to it as the focal point of the room?

Fireplaces are a natural room anchor, which is another reason your design choices for the surround will significantly impact on the overall feel of the space once your project is complete. Fortunately, quartz is an extremely versatile material that can be manufactured in any colour or style. If you have a specific vision, or other design elements that are challenging to integrate, our specialists can work with you to find the perfect quartz solution.

What About The Size?

Another vital factor to consider is how large of a surround you want. Modern designs tend to be sleek and minimalistic, and a single slab of quartz to frame a firebox could be the perfect accent in a small condo or modern living room.

If it is in a grand room, or if you want a more classic style, then you may prefer a big, bold surround. You can also consider a statement, floor-to-ceiling column to house your fireplace with elegance.

There’s no single size correct for every surround project, and quartz is such a versatile material, you can let your creativity roam. Our in-house specialists can also advise you on design trends and help you plan a surround that will perfectly accentuate your space.

What Style Speaks To You?

Use quartz for Toronto fireplace surrounds has a relatively short history, and this means that style precedence is wide open. Designers are still discovering how versatile this beautiful material is. When you consider the space where itis located, what’s the general feel you want it to have? In many homes, it’s common for the firebox to be raised off the floor, and if you wish to create a cozy atmosphere, you can fit a raised hearth as well.

Quartz is manufactured so you can order any colour, size, or shape. Any style of quartz will enhance the sense of elegance in your home or office, but you can leverage the versatility of the material to craft a luxurious and polished vibe. Do you have quartz countertops in your kitchen or bathroom? If so, consider matching your surround to create a consistent feeling as you and your guests move from room to room.

Heat Considerations

Quartz is fire-resistant and heat-resistant to a point, but prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause discolouration. When designing a stunning quartz surround, ensure that you consider where heat will radiate. You’ll want to ensure that your design takes temperature levels into account and provides protection through venting or insulative material where needed.

Quartz is an ideal product for surrounds due to its beauty, durability and low maintenance needs. You can be sure that the friendly staff at our expansive showroom can help you find or design the perfect surround that will increase your enjoyment of your fireplace in Toronto all winter and beyond.

Stain Resistant

Natural Durability

Low Maintenance

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