Top Three Benefits of Large Tiles for Your Porcelain Countertops in Toronto


If you’re looking for a modern design material to finish your kitchen with polished elegance, then you should join the growing number of designers and homeowners alike who are choosing to install porcelain countertops in Toronto.

In past generations, porcelain tiles were heavy and thick which meant they were more challenging and expensive to install. Thanks to modern technological developments, porcelain can now be manufactured in larger and thinner slabs than ever before, and it is expanding as a popular option for backsplash and countertops in kitchens of all sizes.

There are so many reasons to choose large format porcelain tile, but three huge benefits stand out.

1. Unmatched Strength And Durability

When it comes to kitchen countertop options, nothing is stronger than porcelain. This substance is manufactured under incredible heat and pressure, which results in a tougher-than-nails surface that won’t chip, dent, burn, or scratch.

Granite is often thought to be the hardest type of material for kitchen counters, but porcelain is 30% harder and can withstand temperature shifts without cracking or discolouring. The porosity of Toronto porcelain countertops is extremely low, so it resists degradation from humidity and spills. Porcelain is also becoming an increasingly popular choice for bathroom countertops because it is impervious to moisture and will never warp or mould.

2. Fewer Grout Lines

Upgrading to porcelain can be a massive adjustment for homeowners who are used to fussier materials. Particularly, if you’ve previously maintained ceramic tile counters, you know that grout is a hassle to clean. Now that porcelain countertops in Toronto can be made to fit much larger areas, it’s possible to design surfaces with few, or no grout lines at all.

If you have a large area to cover and require multiple slabs, you’ll still enjoy vastly reduced grout lines, and this is more than an aesthetic benefit for your kitchen. Grout is not only a pain to wash, but it is the only place that mould and mildew can hide in a porcelain-finished surface. The less grout you must scrub to keep your kitchen clean and healthy, the better.

3. Easiest To Maintain

Large porcelain tiles are advantageous because they don’t require any additional sealant to maintain their finish. They are also easy to wash with regular soap and water – no special cleaning products are needed!

Porcelain is a breeze to maintain because it’s non-porous and naturally stain-resistant. You don’t need wax or polish if you have selected a shiny finish, and even aggressive scrubbing can’t leave scratches.You can treat even the most stubborn grease or gunk without hesitation.

This resilient and versatile product has long been renowned for its beauty and durability, but modern, large format porcelain tiles will continue to grow in demand as more people experience their clean,dynamic aesthetic. Our consultants would love to help you discover the perfect designs to elevate your kitchen style with porcelain from Quartex Surfaces .

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