Top 5 Benefits of Countertops in Toronto

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Every day the options consumers have to design their living spaces expand beautifully. Something exciting that can be considered new to the kitchen design space is porcelain. Porcelain countertops have the look of marble yet areextremelycost-effective. Because it requires little to no maintenance what-so-ever, there’s an understandable buzz aboutporcelain countertops in Toronto. Without the need for sealing or polishing, the choice of colour and endless specialized designs, porcelain justmight be what your kitchen has been calling for. Let’s review some of this material’s unique benefitsin greater detail.

The Positives of Having Porcelain In Your Kitchen

1. Unlike purely natural stone alternatives to porcelain, you can easilymatch it to your home’s style theme. Boasting an enormous amount of colouring and patterning options, you have the opportunity of lending the cool, sophistication of porcelain surfaces to virtually any palette or design motif. Also, the availability of different sizes and finishes puts porcelain right at the top for customization potential. Through polishing matte finishes, to mitering edges for a snug, flawless fit, your Toronto porcelain countertop will sit snugly on top of your existingcountertops in a single seamless piece. Removing joints and seamlines that are unappealing to the eye, also lends more strength to your counter as there will be no weak spots or cracks to keep clean.

2. You may think porcelain sounds delicate. However, durability is a crucial feature of this beautiful product. P orcelain countertops are extremely resilient. Due to the high strength of the clay and mineral material involved in their production, you can rest assured that your countertop will last for many years and with a little love, look as good as the day you had it installed. Elegant, quality surfaces are a lifetime investment.

3. In addition to strength, it’s also surprisingly light. Porcelain can be applied as a backsplash as well, taking the character of your counters beyond their limits. Thepossibilities when installing your porcelain kitchen island include customized panels and any number of artistic touches.

4. A significantconsideration is that porcelain doesn’t require frequent sealing the way many natural stone surfaces do. Fired glazing protects your Toronto porcelain countertop from moisture, stains and heat damage. Not only do you get to skip the hassle of the protective coating process, but you’ll also skip the expenses!

5. Speaking of expense and convenience, your new porcelain finish is also extremely low maintenance. The factory glazingfunctions as a waterproofing coat and allows you to clean your counter easily without worrying about specialty products to do so. Soapy water and a little elbow grease willremove most stains and grime. Avoid abrasive cleaners. However, porcelain is resilient under bleach or ammonia products that are strictly forbidden for other counters. Usually, they corrode or lead to discolouration, but porcelain is unaffected by these cleaners meaning you can care for your kitchen, worry-free.

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