The Top Trends in 2019 For Kitchen Countertops in Toronto

The Top Trends in 2019 For Kitchen Countertops in Toronto

The kitchen is a defining room of any home. It’s a high-traffic area that always seems to be bustling with activity whether preparing meals, hosting friends, or grabbing a quick bite before heading out to work. In Toronto, kitchen countertops have been driving design trends for the last several years, and 2019 will be no different. The style of counters is as important as their functionality, and consumers continue to flock to manufactured slabs and tiles that provide a custom look with strong resilience. Here are the top trends to watch for this year.

Quartz can’t be beat

For many years, quartz has been a preferred material for kitchen countertops in Toronto because it’s beautiful, versatile, and so easy to maintain. Past generations preferred hard rock such as granite or marble for counters, but the drawbacks of these surfaces have led to declining popularity. Simply put, natural stone is porous, which means liquids like water, oil, coffee, and wine can seep into the material to cause stains. Improperly sealed granite and marble can become breeding grounds for bacteria and turn into an unsanitary nightmare.

Quartz is non-porous and provides nowhere for microbes to hide. It doesn’t require any additional sealing or ongoing maintenance, and the surface is just as hard as granite.

Look-alikes replace natural materials

When it comes to décor in the kitchen, modern homes still feature natural-looking elements. However, technology has provided the means for creating beautifully polished effects with the advantage of easy installation and maintenance.
In addition to quartz, large-gauge porcelain tile is a growing trend that provides beautiful coverage with minimal seams or grout lines. Porcelain can be manufactured in a wide range of colours and patterns, and it can be installed over existing materials which makes it perfect for renovations on a tight timeline.

Quartz and porcelain can both be manufactured in styles that mimic natural stone, or you can choose from a beautiful selection of patterns with bold colours and accents. The versatility of porcelain tile has also introduced new design possibilities because it can be used over backsplash and cabinetry as well. This means the look of marble can enhance your kitchen where genuine marble could never reasonably be installed.

Designs with character

Another top trend for 2019 is kitchen counters that stand out from the status quo. Homeowners are eager to find not only attractive but unique designs that express their style and personal taste. Realistic veining is one way to make an expansive countertop pop, while others prefer swirls of colour and bright metallic flecks to enhance their one-of-a-kind design theme.

Playing with texture

In Toronto, kitchen countertops with a polished finish are still the most sought-after and are expected to stay that way. However, texture is gaining a foothold as a design element for many other aspects of the home, and you can consider it for counters too. If you prefer less shine, granite, marble, and quartz can all be honed rather than polished. It gives a matte appearance, which hides flaws or scratches. This is perfect for marble as it’s prone to imperfections and damage.

Neutral Tones

Soft, neutral shades are enjoying a resurgence of popularity for counters while bright, colourful hues are increasingly saved for individual elements, appliances or accessories. White, grey, and beige are classic, and we see an increase in tan or light tints of blue for an updated approach on neutrals.

Countertops may not be the foundation for your kitchen décor, but they are ideally positioned to pull everything together. As consumers discover just how much variety is available, popular designs will continue to be based on enhancing classic looks with improved technology and surfaces that hold up better than ever before.

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