The Top 7 Advantages of Porcelain Countertops in Toronto


Porcelain countertops are no stranger to the European high-end home décor market. However, the North American market has seen an influx of this elegant material in recent years. Currently, the majority of porcelain countertops in Toronto are imported from European countries. Spain is a notable one among them.

Toronto porcelain countertops boast a long list of pros and very few cons, making them a highly desirable material in the luxury counterspace market. After reading the advantages listed below, we’re sure that you’ll think of these countertops as fondly as we do.

1. Porcelain’s durability is a significant advantage it holds over its natural and engineered stone competition. With no need for resealing,porcelain is extremely low maintenance. The glazing process works as an active barrier to any form of moisture and provides your counterspace with absolutely outstanding resistance to stains.

2. Clean up is effortless. As mentioned, the glaze on your Toronto Porcelain Countertop works as a waterproof layer of protection, and that being said, makes your countertop extremely easy to clean. Nothing more than warm water or a damp cloth should be needed to deal with the majority of spills or grime buildup that a normal counterspace can expect.

3. It’s safe to use any cleaning solutions you wish. If you wanted to use potent cleaning chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, your porcelain could take it, no problem. This is much easier to maintain, and also much more hygienic material compared to more natural stone.

4. Heat resistance is another benefit that porcelain offers. The process of fabricating your countertop involves exposure to temperatures hotter than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Chances are, your pot or pan won’t be hotter than that. This heat resistance makes porcelain perfect for areas where hot materials could be used like around your oven for example. No worry of melting or burn marks when cooking- porcelain has you covered.

5. On top of this, if you are someone who likes to support ethical interaction with the environment, porcelain is exceptionally recyclable. Porcelain, being made up of nothing more than fire-treated clay, has a minimal carbon footprint.

6. This fine surface is suitable for anyone’s home, due to the extremely customizable and adaptable nature of the material. This product is especially useful for those who enjoy the look of marble but might be put off by the brittle quality of the stone or its stain potential. Porcelain brings all the benefits of the fine finishing stones, with none of the cons.

7. Last but not least, this elegant material is extremely cost-effective. Choosing a countertop for your home is a breeze due to its ability to be laid on top of already existing countertops. It can be much thinner than other materials while still maintaining all of its structural integrity. This allows application on top of existing countertops and delicate work on walls or floors.

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