The rising popularity of porcelain countertops in Toronto

Porcelain countertops in Toronto

For homeowners who are ready to update their kitchens and bathrooms in their homes, you may be aware of the various options available to you as countertop surfaces. Aside from natural stone, quartz and solid surface countertops in Toronto, porcelain countertops have been trending in the market.

These countertops are not an entirely new feature for homeowners. It was first introduced to the market in the late 1990s in three-quarter inch slabs that were comparable to their solid surface competitors. Now however, these countertops have definitely undergone significant improvements that qualify them as an excellent option in home spaces. In Toronto, porcelain countertops are poised at a position that allows them to grab a well-deserved share of the market against their competitors.

The rise in popularity for these countertops is due in most part to their high-quality properties that make them suitable for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The durability, versatility, low maintenance and other added benefits are all qualities that position these countertops well against competitors such as solid surface and engineered stone countertops. In addition, these countertops can be used for exterior spaces of the home, allowing for continuity between indoor and outdoor kitchens.

A popular benefit for homeowners who choose a solid surface countertop is the integral sink and like their competitor, porcelain countertops can also achieve this. Solid surface countertops typically restrict sinks to whites and beiges, while integral porcelain sinks have the added benefit of colour or pattern-matched material. Additionally, these countertops are manufactured into ultra-thin slabs that enhance the designs of contemporary kitchens and give a feeling of sleekness. In fact, they are thin enough to be installed directly over existing countertops. Its availability in large-format slabs also allows for seamless islands in the kitchen space.

Furthermore, porcelain is heat and scratch-resistant which are two highly-desirable and necessary qualities of kitchen and bathroom countertops that go through everyday wear-and-tear.

These countertops are a great option for homeowners looking to update their current home aesthetics. Many innovations for porcelain include improved glaze and inkjet technologies that are now capable of producing looks of dramatic metallic, delicate fabric and realistic woods. Interesting, there are also new porcelain cooking surfaces that are available on the market for delicate pastry handling.

Comparably speaking, there is no doubt that natural and engineered stone materials occupy the greatest share of the market as high-end products. However, with the improvements of Toronto porcelain countertops and its rise in popularity, interior designers and homeowners can now confidently specify natural-looking porcelain slabs for matching envisions of their home.

In the past five years, we have witnessed the growth and improvements of porcelain tiles in their ability to reproduce aesthetics of natural stone or wood for kitchens and bathrooms. As porcelain materials are now breaking into the countertops space, we can expect to see more trends and benefits of using porcelain to personalize the home space.

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