Simple Method For Cleaning Your Quartz Countertop in Toronto


Something that people often worry about when first interested in the world of high-end building materials is that it will not only exceed budgets but be challenging to maintain. In the past, this has been somewhat true at times. However, with the increasing popularity of quartz, the whole counterspace game has been reordered. Not only is the expense much lower due to the local availability of the material compared with granite, but the cleaning and maintenance couldn’t be easier.

Cleaning your Toronto quartz countertop is a breeze due to its super tough, man-maderesilience. Its stain resistant, non-porous surface makes it super easy and low maintenance to clean and keep looking new.

Here we’ll discuss a simple system you can follow to keep your Toronto quartz countertop looking fresh as new- fingerprint, streak and dirt free.

Simple, Daily Cleaning Makes Quartz An Easy Option

Using a warm, wet rag and mild soap, wipe down the counterspace throughout the day after the area has been used. Afterward, come back to dry-wipe the surface with a soft, absorbent cloth. This two-step cleaning process prevents streaks and allows the surface to dry evenly and shiny. Even after years of daily use, the top can look as good as the day it was installed. For quickly managing spilled drinks and food stains, liquid soap or a mild bleach product are adequate to blast them away and return that quartz sparkle.

Natural Cleaning

A powerful and natural alternative for bleach-based cleaning combines a mixture of 50/50 vinegar and water to get the job done and leave your home smelling fresh. Be sure to follow cleaning with an absorbent, dry cloth, effectively removing all water spots or streaks from your counter.

What To Avoid

The one thing you should steer away from using on your counter is abrasive cleaners or sponges. Use of these caustic or rough products can scratch up and ruin your polish. While you don’t need to tip-toe around this resilient surface, you can always check with the experts at Quartex if you have questions about specific cleaning products and surfaces.

Following these pain-free and straightforward steps to maintain your counterspace will keep your counters looking sharp no matter the busy lifestyle and every day messes that are sure to surround your home’s gathering places.

The compatibility of this beautiful material with children, pets and real life are all reasons why quartz should be your choice for a top-of-the-line counterspace material in your Toronto home. If you’re renovating or considering a change, feel free to get in touch with us at Quartex with questions, or concerns. We can assess your current quartz countertop; or, if you’re considering an upgrade for your finishes, we’ll offer recommendations to meet your needs. We also welcome you to come to our expansive showroom and see firsthand why quartz is such a fantastic material for your kitchen or bathroom.

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