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Quartz has a wide array of uses from residential kitchens and bathrooms to extensive commercial applications.

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As one of the top manufacturers and distributors of quartz countertops in Toronto, we know the strength and beauty of this material comes second to none. Choose the colour consistency you want and customize from an array of possibilities, we guarantee there is something for everyone in our ever-growing collection of stone colours and patterns – and when you need quartz product care in Toronto, there’s no company you’ll want more than Quartex.


Very little maintenance is needed for quartz countertops. Since it is an engineered product, it does not require sealants, and since it has a non-porous surface, it makes the perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms. Maintaining quartz countertops in Toronto is easy, however, there are a few important things to remember to ensure that no permanent damage is caused at any point during the cleaning process.

Quartz can be easily cleaned with a mild detergent or soap, water and a soft cloth or paper towel. You should avoid using abrasive cleansers and harsh scouring pads. And definitely no cleansers that contain any bleach. Materials that harden as they dry, such as gum, grease, nail polish, or paint etc., should be removed by gently scraping away the residue material with a plastic scraper. Any quartz countertop surface should be dried using either a clean white paper towel or white cloth.

Stain Prevention

Just because quartz countertops are resistant to scratches, nicks, dents, stains and burns doesn’t mean they are damage-proof. You must still take care and avoid exposing your quartz countertop to permanent inks, markers or dyes, as these may not be removable.

If you accidentally mark your countertop with a marker or dye, rinse the area with water right away, then apply a manufacturer approved cleansing product if the stain is still there. Apply water to the area one more time after applying the cleanser.

Paint removal or stripping products like turpentine can damage or discolour the quartz surface. Err on the side of caution and avoid exposing your quartz surfaces to any of these types of cleaning solvents. If you happen to accidently spill one of these solvents on your quartz surface, clean it with water immediately.

Part of what makes quartz countertops in Toronto so attractive is the fact that spills and stains generally do not absorb into the surface. That said, quartz countertops should never come into contact with abrasive, strong alkaline, acid, free radicals, oxidizers or any high, neutral, or low pH cleaners.

In addition, quartz should never be exposed to bleach, oven cleaners, any products with pumice, batteries, paint removers, furniture strippers, oil soaps, tarnish or silver cleaners. These products will wear off the gloss over time and your quartz will begin to appear dull and/or inconsistent. If you are unsure about how to treat your quartz for stain prevention, please ensure that you do your research!

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Quartz Maintenance

As strong and hard as a material that quartz is, maintenance is always going to be key to ensuring it lasts.

How Important is Quartz Maintenance?

Even though quartz is stain resistant it is not stain proof. Liquid spills should be wiped up immediately Many people who have quartz installed end up surprised when something like this happens. Though it is non-porous, it can still be stained if it is neglected. When you run into a quartz countertop stain, it can be very difficult to get out. Some stains are permanent, while others are not. Abnormal or discoloured spots will no doubt present themselves over time if one is not careful about what comes into contact with their quartz countertop.

When cleaning quartz, if soap alone is not working, it is best to use cleaning products that have been specifically made for quartz countertops. Cleaners that contain strong chemicals or solvents can cause discolouration to quartz and is not recommended. Since quartz countertops are roughly ninety-three percent quartz, it is safest to use quartz-specific products. Though all of these warnings can be scary and confusing, quartz is not that difficult to care for once you are familiar with the routine. If taken care of properly a quartz countertop in Toronto can last a lifetime.


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Stains & Spills

If you happen to spill juice, wine, coffee and other food substances, wipe them up immediately to prevent any possible stains.

The best way to remove dried foods or liquids on a quartz surface is with a rounded plastic knife. You can gently scrape away most of these elements with a plastic putty knife. You should avoid using metal knives or utensils directly on the countertop as the metal may scratch or damage your quartz countertop.

Cooking grease is a concern in many kitchens and you should consult the manufacturer for their proper recommendation. Harsh cleansers should not be used to remove grease or other cooking stains. As stated previously, gently scrape away hardened grease with a plastic knife before applying any type of cleanser.

You have our assurances that our quartz is manufactured using only the highest grade quality materials. The prolonged surface quality and performance of the quartz is dependent on knowing the correct maintenance and protective procedures as it relates to stains and spills.

Chopping Veggies and Heat Damage

Quartz surfaces can be damaged by direct heat exposure. Use trivets or heating pads when cooking to prevent direct exposure to hot cookware and coffee pots. This is key to ensure that your quartz lasts a long time. The damage that heat can do to quartz might be surprising to some, but it is among the biggest threats to quartz that we see. Being aware of the damage that heat can do and always taking the necessary precautions not only allows you to retain the value in your quartz countertop but it’s also very easy to do.

When chopping vegetables, slicing bread or cheese, or preparing foods with sharp utensils, use a cutting board to prevent any possible scratching or damage to the surface.

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