Quartz Countertops in Toronto: Why They Are the Best Material for Your Kitchen


Are you considering updating your kitchen but feel overwhelmed with the style and material choices? It’s easy to get weighed down in the details when you’re shopping and comparing options. Fix your eyes on a long-term solution you’ll love: gorgeous kitchen countertops that are durable and easy to maintain. If you’re currently deciding what material will finish your kitchen in Toronto, quartz countertops easily outshine the other choices, and we’ll explain why.

1. Price

Many people have a perception that quartz is expensive because it looks elegant and luxurious. However, the price point for quartz countertops in Toronto is lower than many other high-end options, including natural stone.

2. Durability

If you prefer to update your Toronto fireplace with a modern take on surrounds, glass tile and mosaic-inspired designs are increasingly trendy. Even when no fire is lit, you’ll enjoy the glints of light reflecting, and the effect is even more dazzling with flickering firelight to enjoy.

Many homeowners choose quartz for multiple design applications due to its versatility, but when it comes to countertops, durability is critical. When you’re preparing a meal or hosting an intimate gathering, the last thing you want is stress about is damaging your counters. With quartz, you never have to! One caveat is that high temperatures can cause permanent discolouration on your surfaces, which you can easily prevent with protective pads or trivets.

3. Style

Quartz is one of the most adaptable materials for kitchen décor because it can be shaped, treated and tinted according to your preferences. In Toronto, quartz countertops are perfect for any style, from traditional to modern kitchens. You can find designs that will complement any colour scheme, and you can easily match your counters with additional quartz elements like a backsplash.

4. Easy to clean

Next to durability, one of the most critical features homeowners look for in gold star countertop material is cleanliness. Quartz is ideal for kitchens because it’s non-porous and naturally resistant to bacteria or mould. Unlike other materials, quartz repels stains, so even if you splash coffee, wine, or tomato sauce, you don’t have to worry.

Common kitchen acids like lemon juice or vinegar don’t pose a problem if they drip on your countertops since quartz resists etching, and the resin that binds it together will be unaffected. You can keep your counters gleaming with any basic cleaner and a damp cloth. For stubborn gunk, spray a bit of diluted vinegar and cover with a cloth or paper towel to soak into grime, then wipe away to reveal sparkling countertops.

5. Effortless to maintain

Natural stone countertops require sealing, but quartz does not. You can also enjoy effortless maintenance with quartz because unlike ceramic or porcelain tile; no grout will ever need scrubbing. Once your countertops are installed, they are ready to be used for years to come, and you will never look back.

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