Porcelain Countertops in Toronto: The Perks of Gauged Tile


As more homeowners and designers discover the benefits of porcelain countertops in Toronto, a trend within the trend is rapidly emerging. Large format, or gauged tiles, are supersizing the advantages that porcelain can provide as a finishing material. This versatile surface brings next-level elegance to expansive counters with minimal seams or grout lines. You can enjoy the stunning beauty of realistic stone without piecing together numerous, smaller elements.

Luxurious aesthetic

The look of gauged tile has become increasingly impressive as technological advances allow for porcelain to be manufactured in ever-thinner slabs. These slender tiles are extremely strong, durable, and lightweight, making them ideal for large projects that would be prohibitively expensive with dense stone like marble or granite. Massive, smooth porcelain countertops in Toronto create a sleek surface that pleases the eye every time you enter the room.


Porcelain is incredibly hard, making it as difficult to scratch as granite and quartz. This gives clients peace of mind about their investment, and for added confidence, Quartex Surfaces is happy to offer a “limited lifetime warranty” on our countertops.

Heat resistant

One of porcelain’s biggest perks is outstanding resilience when it comes to high temperatures. Gauged tiles are fired under extraordinarily high temperatures during the manufacturing process, so hot pots and pans, even directly from the oven, will not scorch these surfaces. You may be in the habit of using protective mats or trivets, which is a good practice to keep if you wish, but it will not be required on porcelain.

Easy to clean

Gauged tiles are particularly advantageous because they require fewer grout lines for uninterrupted elegance. You won’t have to worry about grease collecting in the grooves or bacteria growing in your grout, and the surface itself is extremely simple to keep clean.

Porcelain is highly stain-resistant, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. If you do find a rare stain, it will usually be a surface discolouration that can easily be scrubbed off. As an added bonus, this material resists most chemicals and will not be dulled or etched by spills of acidic food or drinks.

Varied designs

When it comes to gauged tile, the stunning beauty of faux marble or other natural stone may come to mind first. However, porcelain countertops in Toronto are available in any colour you can imagine, with an expansive variety of patterns and designs to match your tastes.

Resists fading

Everyone loves a bright kitchen with sunlight streaming in the windows, but the sun’s rays can cause many finishes to fade over time. This is not a worry with porcelain tiles, so your surfaces will remain beautiful for years to come no matter how much the light floods in.


The material used to create porcelain is clay-based, making it 100% natural. After you’ve had years of enjoyment from your beautiful countertops, you can easily recycle them and return them kindly to the earth.

Let the possibilities of gauged porcelain tile inspire your kitchen design! Call the experts at Quartex Surfaces for expert guidance and a world of options.

Stain Resistant

Natural Durability

Low Maintenance

Colour & Texture