Porcelain Countertops in Toronto Offer New Design Options


Why Is Porcelain The Right Choice for Your Home?

Porcelain boasts quite a few strengths over its luxury competitors. Its low maintenance nature, as well as its overall durability, are just a couple of reasons why the versatile material would make a good fit in any home. On top of this, porcelain can even be used outdoors – something that its competition wouldn’t even dream of. Whether inside or outside, your home can enjoy the rugged beauty of a Toronto porcelain countertop.

Porcelain is also much thinner compared to other high-end materials it shares the market with. Its lightweight nature allows it to be useful in many more applications, such as being laid directly on top of your old countertops. Not only does porcelain save you money, but it also allows you to pull off contemporary designs within your home you may not be able to otherwise. A Toronto Porcelain countertop’s adaptability is also in part thanks to its ability to be frosted, colour changed or even matched to the pattern of any other material you could desire, allowing unprecedented flexibility and customization.

In Comparison

Engineered and natural stone has always had the most significant foothold in the market of high-end counterspace materials in North America. However, due to recent innovations in porcelain customization, trends show porcelain gaining ground fast.

Another benefit of porcelain is the flexibility of design. Due to the thinness of the material, it can be used on surfaces other than your countertop. This allows the material to flow onto the wall, the floor or even the ceiling, pulling a room together with your personalized porcelain tiling.

An International Design Favourite

Spain and Italy are the leaders of the ever-growing porcelain market. As production methods and technology continue to improve, every day, manufacturers are finding they can now create an increasing variety of slab sizes- some as large as 10 by 5 feet. This allows porcelain to pull off a seamless counterspace for unblemished beauty and more comfortable cleaning. The strength of a uniform piece improves durability. This is a major improvement, as porcelain in the past often couldn’t be made large enough to perform many desired projects.

As well as the durability and increase in dimension options, the methods of colouring and customizing the appearance of your porcelain have greatly expanded too. Improved techniques for glazing and injecting the material can now produce dramatic metallic, realistic wood and even delicate fabric looks that simply couldn’t stand up to the abuse of the bathroom or kitchen if they weren’t a Toronto porcelain countertop. You would likely hesitate to cover your bathroom counters in leather, for instance, but porcelain can match the designer look flawlessly.

Innovations happen everywhere in the high-end home market, however, due to their cost and limitations,engineered and natural stone materials may eventually be surpassed by porcelain. Don’t be left behind, contact us today at Quartex to see how your home can stay on the home décor leading edge.

Stain Resistant

Natural Durability

Low Maintenance

Colour & Texture