Mimic Other Looks With Porcelain Countertops in Toronto

 Porcelain Countertops in Toronto- Get the Look of Polished Cement

Minimalist home décor and design practices continue to dictate trends in 2019, and one surprising look that continues to grow in popularity marries minimalism with an industrial feel: cement-look flooring, walls, and counters are popping up all over contemporary kitchens in Toronto! Porcelain countertops provide the desirable appearance of cement with some added benefits that concrete simply can’t offer.

Cement used to be reserved for garages and basements, but due to its versatility, durability, and affordability, homeowners and designers alike have experimented with concrete in innovative ways. The look is often very stylish, with clean, contemporary lines and neutral colours. However, concrete comes with quite a few challenges as well, and while it’s possible to stain, stamp, and polish to create a tiled look if you desire, we recommend porcelain as a superior counter material that can give the trendy appearance of cement for your modern kitchen.
Some of the reasons concrete has gained popularity also apply to porcelain tile:

  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Quick to install, even in large areas
  • Extremely durable
  • Difficult to scratch or chip

When properly sealed, cement is water-resistant and repels stains, making it easy to maintain. However, this option is labour-intensive since cement requires waxing or re-sealing at least every six months to preserve those qualities. If the work involved makes cement a deal breaker for your kitchen in Toronto, porcelain countertops can provide the same stylish look and incredible durability as concrete.

Porcelain is increasingly recognized as an ideal kitchen material because it’s so versatile for design and installation. Modern tiles are available in a variety of gauges and styles, opening almost unlimited possibilities. If you wish to create the clean lines of plain concrete, large tiles reduce or even eliminate the need for grout lines, providing a seamless finish.

Genuine cement requires a high degree of skill to get perfectly even and smooth across a large surface, and when it comes to your kitchen countertops, even the slightest imperfection can become an eyesore when you see it daily. Porcelain is a safer investment as the flat surface, and uniform finish are manufactured right into the tiles and only need to be installed.

The look of concrete is appealing on a large scale, and whether you choose to mimic the look of polished or matte cement for your Toronto porcelain countertops, you can easily expand the effect by adding backsplash or flooring to match.

Installing cement vertically is challenging, and it’s rarely worth the effort and resultant cost. With thin and durable porcelain tiles, counters are just the beginning for décor possibilities. These tiles can be installed over almost any existing material, including stone or wood countertops. They can be added to the sides of kitchen islands, installed over cabinetry, or laid down as flooring for high-impact, large-scale upgrades that will make your kitchen feel entirely new.

Stain Resistant

Natural Durability

Low Maintenance

Colour & Texture