Everything About Large Format Tiles for Your Porcelain Countertops in Toronto


Large format porcelain slabs are rapidly gaining popularity as their impact becomes more widely infused in current decor. This trend was popularized in Europe, and now the concept is taking off across Canada and North America as designers push the envelope.Manufacturers are creating ever-larger tiles to adorn beautiful walls, flooring, and seamless porcelain countertops in Toronto.

Porcelain provides many benefits over natural stone and ceramic tiles. Advances in technology have made this elegant design product more versatile and widely available than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about choosing porcelain for your kitchen remodel.

Porcelain Tiles Are Broader And Thinner Than Ever

If you visit a showroom to view options for your Toronto porcelain countertops, you may be surprised by just how light these slabs can be. Modern porcelain is manufactured at 6-12 mm in thickness, making it incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. The more expansive sizes also allow for minimal or no seams between tiles. Avoiding seams is a desirable feature in design but lifting similarly large pieces of solid stone would be impractically heavy.

Get The Aesthetic of Marble Without The Hassle

Porcelain can be manufactured to mimic the appearance of many substances, and one of the most popular effects is marble. The visual impact of marble is undeniable, especially on a large scale, but the natural stone is extremely dense and can challenging to transport or install in big slabs. Quarrying and shipping increase costs as well.

Marble countertops can also be tough to maintainbecause the material is porous. That makes it prone to etching and staining without correct maintenance. Comparatively, porcelain can provide the same stylish elegance without breaking the bank. The versatile material allows us to match the beauty of a marble countertopswith low-maintenance practicality.

Porcelain Can Be Installed Over Existing Wood or Natural Stone

That means if you’re replacing heavy marble or granite surfaces, you can skip tearing out the old slabs. It’s a significant time and cost savings when upgrading your counters to avoid completely gutting the kitchen. Large format tiles can now be manufactured thinner than ever without losing an ounce of strength, and this makes it easy to replace your stained, banged up counters by installing gleaming, flawless porcelain slabs right on top.

In Toronto, Porcelain Countertops Are Just The Beginning of Something Amazing

The fact that porcelain tiles are now available in such large, yet light formats means the product is highly versatile. We see an increase in innovative designs that create unique kitchens, from porcelain backsplash and wraparounds on kitchen islands, to cabinetry. Outside the kitchen, porcelain graces bathrooms, fireplaces and more with its polished beauty.

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of large format tiles, your next step is to call the design experts at Quartex Surfaces. You’re welcome to tour our expansive showroom. We can helpbring your vision to life, and our consultants will provide inspiring suggestions to complete the kitchen of your dreams.

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