How to Update Your Fireplace in Toronto With the Right Tile


Nothing creates an instantly cozy atmosphere like dancing flames. It’s no wonder that fireplaces provide a natural focal point in any room of the home. Visually and socially, people are drawn to fire. The right tiling can accentuate your Toronto fireplace perfectly, emphasizing a warm and intimate ambience, or elevating the sense of power that radiates along with heat from those roaring logs. If you’re installing or upgrading a tile surround, these tips will help you choose the right material and style to reflect your taste.

Follow Tradition With Natural Stone

Stone can provide a classic hearth and surround for those who love traditional design elements. There are many options in this tile family, including marble, quartzite, and slate. Depending on the look you desire, stone naturally occurs in a range of colour tones and can provide texture:

  • For an atmosphere of luxury, you can’t go wrong with marble. Marble comes in a variety of colours, and it features distinctive veins that many associate with elegance and prestige
  • Quartzite is a pale, sugary-looking material that can also add sophistication to your Toronto fireplace
  • Slate is popular for creating a rustic look in earth tones. It’s quite soft and may show scratches, but you can disguise any chalky-looking marks with mineral oil

Complement Your Contemporary Style With Glass

If you prefer to update your Toronto fireplace with a modern take on surrounds, glass tile and mosaic-inspired designs are increasingly trendy. Even when no fire is lit, you’ll enjoy the glints of light reflecting, and the effect is even more dazzling with flickering firelight to enjoy.

Choose Timeless Designs With Porcelain

Porcelain is gaining popularity because it’s so versatile and durable. The variety of colours, styles, and sizes of tile you can choose from guarantee your surround will perfectly complete any design.

Porcelain is a superior material because it’s kiln-fired at 1000 °C, so it will never warp or discolour due to heat. Modern porcelain tiles are available in larger sizes and thinner profiles than ever before, making them a breeze to install compared with heavy, natural stone. As a bonus, porcelain can often be installed right over your existing tile or stone surround since it’s so light and thin.

Can It Be Used Outdoors?

For open-air fireplaces, porcelain tiles are rated for outdoor use as well, and their colour will not fade from UV exposure.

If you love the appearance of marble or slate, a porcelain look-alike will suit your décor without the hassle and cost of purchasing stone. Innovative new styles also give you the option to form the surround with porcelain styles that mimic metallic, brick, or fabric surfaces.

Any material you choose for your fireplace surround should reflect your personal style and inspire the rest of your space as well. Wherever your design preferences land, be they traditional, modern, sleek, rustic, or quirky and unique, there is a tile option that will be perfect for you.

Stain Resistant

Natural Durability

Low Maintenance

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