How to Make Your Quartz Countertop in Toronto Shine


Who doesn’t love walking into a gleaming kitchen with bright lighting and dazzling clean surfaces? In Toronto, quartz countertops are highly sought-after for their beauty and ease of maintenance. There are many additional benefits of choosing quartz for your kitchen because it’s incredibly durable and naturally nonporous.

Consider the battering your counters take on a regular basis: food being prepared, heavy pans and trays being set down or pushed aside, keys, pens, and the miscellany of daily life being dropped or piled on the surface. Fortunately, quartz is up to the task, and you can maintain a glossy shine on your kitchen surfaces with just a few basic cleaning supplies:

  • Warm, soapy water
  • Vinegar
  • Spray bottle with distilled water
  • Window cleaner

You’ll also need a sponge or cloth, one or two soft towels, and some paper towel. Here are three simple steps you can follow to keep your quartz countertops in Toronto, shining!

1. Clean Any Surface Grit And Grime

Prepare warm, soapy water in your sink or a bowl. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe away any dust, food, and other mess from the surface. You can scrub and cleanvigorously – quartz is not a delicate substance- and you can’t damage Toronto quartz countertops with something as soft as a sponge.

If you have particularly stubborn grime to clean, avoid using abrasive pads. Instead, leave a few drops of vinegar on the area and set a wet rag on top to break down and soften the grime.

As for other porous materials,the soap you use should not be oil-based. Regular dish soap is perfect because it will cut through any grease on your countertops and rinse away without leaving a film.

2. Rinse Completely

Once your counters are clean, you’ll want to thoroughly rinse away all the soap and any food particles that are left behind. Quartz can look dull if it’s covered in a soap film, and this mistakenly leads some people to try using polishing products instead.

When you’re ready to rinse, it’s easiest to use a spray bottle to liberally wet down the counters and then wipe them dry with a clean cloth. Don’t worry about flooding your countertops because quartz is nonporous and will not absorb anything. It’s more important to remove any residue, and you can tell this has been done when your dry countertops are free of streaks.

Once your counters have been cleaned and rinsed, you’ll be ready to polish them to shining glory!

3. Shine With Window Cleaner

Creating a genuinely sparkling shine on your counters can be a challenge because grease from cooking disperses in the air and settles on surfaces. Window cleaning products have exceptional grease-cutting powers which are perfect for removing any trace of film that inhibits quartz’s natural shine.

In this case, less is truly more, and just a few spritzes of cleaner are enough to polish a large countertop. Keep in mind that you canapply more spray if needed, but excessproduct will have the opposite effect you’re aiming for.

Using a new soft cloth or a clean piece of paper towel, wipe your counters down methodically from top to bottom, and make your way from one end of the counter to the other. You should immediately see a shiny, streak-free countertop, and because quartz is naturally anti-microbial, you’ll have peace of mind that it is as clean as it looks.

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