How To Make Your Fireplace in Toronto Look Great For The Holiday Season


A fireplace in Toronto, where the weather is chilly for a significant part of the year, always draws plenty of attention in the home. A wonderful gathering space for the holiday season, the mantel and surround pull the design of a room together as well. An out-of-date fireplace can be a glaring issue in your space. Luckily, Quartex is here to help! Here, we’re going to look at some ideas to build inspiration for revamping your fireplace and some festive ways to decorate your mantle using materials available from our local Quartex showroom.

White Paint Fixes Everything

Well, almost. When it comes to dated brick and aged hearths, white color can make all the difference in the world, believe it or not. A few coats of plain white can give your old wooden fireplace mantle a much-needed face lift too. Contemporary festive décor features a lot of white and softer accents. You can create a serene and wintery foundation for any classic design starting with paint.

Tiled Hearth

Sometimes old material simply needs to be replaced with more modern counterparts to keep up with your home’s décor. Durable porcelain tiling could be an excellent choice, depending on your home. With a vast range of available colours, finishes and even patterns, you can do anything with porcelain. From brick, to cement, to natural stone; porcelain can mimic it flawlessly. Take your pick from porcelain’s many looks to find a style that reflects your home’s design.

Rustic Décor

If you are craving a more rustic, organic feel for your Toronto fireplace, try out a soft and woodsy aesthetic. Use of real or fake branches, pine cones and even pine garlands are all excellent ways to pull off this vibe – and, depending on where in Toronto you live, the availability of these extras could be as simple as walking into your backyard. Never be afraid to use natural and homemade material to compliment your Quartex materials. Even sleek, contemporary finishes look fabulous juxtaposed with some Earthy textures.

Updated Style

If your Toronto fireplace has never had a style update in its lifetime, this could be the best season to treat yourself to a new look. Whether brick is crumbling, or you just feel the style is out of date, now is the perfect time for a touch-up. Marble, stone, ceramic and brick- even prefabricated trims and decorative details that are a snap to DIY- we have them all at Quartex.

Custom Work

As such a prominent focal point of your entire home, there is no better area to show off a custom mosaic design. Strike awe into your party guests with a fireplace that functions as a unique art piece. Whether you want to revitalize your fireplace from mantle to hearth, or merely add a bit of festive flair this season, these are just a few ideas we have ready for you at Quartex . Ask us how our experts can help you achieve the fireplace of your dreams!

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