Avoid Ruining Your Quartz Countertop in Toronto This Holiday Season


We’ve compiled the top strategies to avoid damaging your quartz countertops in Toronto this holiday season. The festive season can be rough on your living space – especially your kitchen. The average home takes the brunt of its yearly abuse this time of year hosting parties and cooking big dinners. From general wear and tear to accidents or dropping plates, your appliances and counterspace need to bring their A-game. Leaving messes unattended can lead to worse damage, so quick, efficient clean-up is essential. Here we’ll look at some tips for the home-owner who wants to get the most out of their quartz kitchen arrangement, both during the cheery boom of the holiday season and long after.

Keep An Eye On What Goes Down Your Sink And Garbage Disposal

While the holiday eating might add a few pounds, your garbage disposal takes a much harder hit. Starchy foods such as beans or rice – coffee grounds and everything between can wreak real havoc for your waste disposal. Potato peels, celery and another fibrous food, can jam up your system and stop the motors. Lastly, make sure you don’t drain any grease or oil into your sink. Solidified fats can build up to the point that expensive and complicated repairs are needed.

Protecting Your Toronto Quartz Countertops This Season

Always take precautions to ensure the cleanliness and integrity of your countertops this season and onward. It’s easy in the hustle and bustle to place hot pans directly on your quartz surface. Though quartz is exceptionally durable, it’s not the most heat-resistant, so you’ll need to utilize a hot pad or another form of protective measure.

Toronto quartz countertops are almost entirely stain-resistant, so staying germ-free is a breeze, but you’ll need to wipe up red wine and dark pigments from food like beets right away. A light scrub with gentle cleansers should be more than enough to fight germs or food-related messes if you catch them fast.

For more information about quartz’s durability, take a look at our other blogs about quartz countertops, or come into our beautiful showroom where our experts are happy to show you a variety of surfaces for your home and advise you about product care.

Deep Clean Your Oven Before The Holidays

Along with keeping your quartz countertop clear of spills, deep cleaning your oven is good practice for the coming season. Scrubbing the racks, and removing burnt food debris from collection areas clears away cooking smells and cuts down fire risk dramatically.

You’ll always need to be careful when using your kitchen – but especially during the holidays. Sometimes a room full of guests makes caring for surfaces tricky. It can be helpful to cover counters in a thin rubber runner or mat to prevent damage and make cleanup easier.

Your appliances and countertops depend on you to stay strong and beautiful you have damage you need assessed, feel free to get in contact with any of our Quartex professionals. We’ll be more than happy to help with any of your product needs. Happy holidays from all of us at Quartex!

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