How Much Will It Cost to Install Your Porcelain Countertops in Toronto?


Porcelain is elegant and extremely strong, which is perfect for modern kitchens. This ceramic material with an ancient history once decorated temples and palaces of past civilizations and served elitesas dishes and sculptures. Advanced technology has made accessing this refined material more practical for every beautiful home.

What Are The Advantages of Porcelain Countertops in Toronto?

The advantages of fired clay and stone in a kitchen surface are numerous. In Toronto, porcelain countertops are a growing trend because the material is available in any style, colour, or size you may desire. It’s also sought-after because of its resilience. Plenty of people just like you don’t want to worry about delicate surfaces.

Tiles are manufactured by compressing clay and stone dust under extremely high temperatures, which results in a product that is impervious to water and cannot be stained or scratched.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated material, the fact that porcelain is nearly indestructible may raise concerns about appearance. Luckily, modern technology has made it possible to engineer porcelain that mimics the appearance of stone, marble, metal, glass, or even fabric, in any colour you wish.

So, What Does It Cost To Install Porcelain Counters?

On average, the purchase and installation of porcelain countertops in Toronto costaround $60 to $100 per sq.ft. Total fees will depend on the specific material, bevelled edges, and complexity. The more cutouts and alterations to the slab, the costlier it will be.It’s higher than the price of ceramic tile, but keep in mind that porcelain is tougher, denser, and less porous. You’re investing in resilient material that can easily withstand years of use without fading or wearing out.

If you’re considering using other popular countertop materials such as engineered stone, granite, or marble, porcelain is more affordable. In comparison, porcelain provides a surface that is easy to maintain and much less susceptible to damage. Due to its thinness, this material has lightweight versatility and can be installed anywhere, even over existing countertops and backsplash.

What Other Factors Will Affect My Price?

  • Tile Price:
  • Porcelain ranges in cost from $60-$100 per sq.ft.,depending on the thickness, design, and finish of the tile. If it is manufactured overseas, then transportation and import costs will also affect your price.

  • Design:
  • Will you use porcelain for a backsplash as well as the countertop? Is your counter rectangular, or does it wrap around a corner? Do you need any cutouts to accommodate sinks or stove tops? These can all increase the cost of your investment for the kitchen of your dreams.

  • Counter Size:
  • The average kitchen counter is 30 sq.ft.;therefore, your price will land higher or lower depending on the size of the countertop you require.

  • Other Considerations:
  • Porcelain will be installed over cement backer board for extra stability. Sheets of backboard range from $20 per piece and most counters require a minimum of three.

    If you prefer an undermount or tiled-in sink instead of having it dropped in, this can add $200 to $300 to your installation cost.

    We recommend ordering 10% more porcelain than the area you’re covering to account for normal waste when cutting and fitting the tile.

Homeowners with porcelain countertops from Quartex Surfaces love their kitchens. The durability and versatility of this material are matched with effortless maintenance and the peace of mind that comes with our “limited lifetime warranty.” If you’re ready to upgrade your countertops with this refined, stylish finish, call us to book a tour of our showroom today.

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