How Much Do Quartz Countertops in Toronto Cost?


The kitchen is indeed the heart of a home, and yours should be elegant, yet functionalto work in. One of the best ways to make itan enjoyable space is to invest in beautiful, durable materials. In Toronto, quartz countertops can undoubtedly elevate the sense of luxury in a kitchen, but do they have to break the bank? Let’s look at three final cost factors you may need to know.

What Grade of Quartz Are You Buying?

Because quartz is a manufactured material, it comes in a range of quality and styles that will affect the price. There are four basic categories of quartz you can choose from:

  • Closeout/clearance (when standard quartz designs are discontinued they’ll be sold at a discount)
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Designer

All grades of quartz are heat-resistant and non-porous, which is perfect for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Standard designs are available in earth tones and are typically simple style-wise. For some projects, this is just right! If you want incredibly durable countertops that blend in with the overall décor of your kitchen and are easy to maintain, a standard quartz design could be perfect.

Premium and designer options offer rich colour hues and stunning designs. One of quartz’s advantages is its versatility, and Quartex Surfaces provides a wide array of colours and finishes to match any décor. Unlike natural stones, quartz can be customized for your needs.

Our friendly customer care team will be pleased to work with you to find the perfect quartz countertops for your space!

How Complex Is The Job?

When assessing the difficulty of a countertop installation, it’s important to think not only of accessibility and size but how many pieces there will be and how long the job will take to complete. If there are multiple seams due to the countertop wrapping around, or if you require cut-outs for one or more sinks, this will increase your costs.

Edging your quartz countertops in Toronto is another consideration: are you happy with the standard or would you prefer to upgrade for a designer edge?

Who Is Installing Your Countertops?

Depending on the grade of quartz you choose and the complexity of the job, your countertop installation will cost 20-50% of the total price. Some DIYers may be tempted to try and save this money by doing the work themselves, but that can be a costly gamble. Quartz is not a cheap material, and damage by an amateur or errors in installation can lead to more expenses than working with an experienced professional.

At Quartex Surfaces, we are committed to providing outstanding customer care from start to finish. That means were available for consultations or showroom tours so you can find the perfect design for your project. We’ll provide professional installation services, and we’re happy to advise on care and maintenance for your Toronto quartz countertops even after the job is done. Our “lifetime limited warranty” demonstrates our commitment and confidence in every product we sell.

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