Granite Countertops vs. Quartz Countertops in Toronto

quartz countertops in Toronto

What Is Granite?

Quartz countertops in Toronto are among the most popular home renovation materials. One of its leading competitors is granite, which is a natural stone, quarried in large blocks. The blocks are then turned into slabs and polished on one side before being sent off to a broker. Brokers and fabricators then cut the pieces into customized shapes for your order, polish and profile the edges before sending it off to you.

What Is Quartz?

Quartz isn’t 100% ‘Earth to your doorstep’ like granite is. Quartz is what is called ‘engineered’ stone. That means that during manufacturing, various sizes and grades of quartz crystals are mixed with resin, and pigment for colour. Quartz is still natural stone, but with extra man-made steps. Desired shapes are cut from larger sections and made to your order’s specifications through the same processes as granite. Quartz also has the ability to be coloured to a specific style during the engineering process; something consumers like to take advantage of if they have a decor theme or palette already established in their kitchen.

Price Difference

Quartz and granite are similarly priced; however, you’ll pay much more for granite almost as a rule of thumb due to the expensive process of transporting the material across the world to you. Unless you live near a quarry, there is no way to make granite slabs locally as opposed to quartz.

Maintaining Your Granite

Something to consider when purchasing granite as opposed to quartz is that once directly after installation, and once per year you’ll need to seal your granite.This is something that quartz doesn’t require. Granite is also much more delicate than quartz. Neither should have heavy cleaners such as bleach used on them, but granite care andmaintenanceare very product-specific. If you use the wrong one, you may have some visible damage on your hands.

Quartz Is Easier To Maintain

Without a doubt, Toronto quartz countertops are easier to maintain. Granite needs to be sealed once a year,and small spills cleaned quickly to prevent stains. Quartz, on the other hand, is a much more forgiving surface to kids and adults alike.

What Is The Durability of The Two?

Due to the engineered nature of the quartz countertops of Toronto, no hidden impurities are waiting to surface with little warning, as natural stones can have. On top of this, due to the resin quartz boasts, quartz is also much less prone to being stained. Granite counters are derived from a whole, raw piece of rock. It has a natural beauty and with that comes both flaws and imperfections. Some people love this nuanced look and accept it,whileothers dislike the character variation.

Which of The Two Surfaces Is Stronger?

Being one of the most robust materials on the planet, quartz is much more durable than granite. We offer a wide variety of beautiful materials and surfaces to suit every budget and design specification at Quartex. We welcome you to call and speak with one of our experts, or come into our showroom and see for yourself.

Stain Resistant

Natural Durability

Low Maintenance

Colour & Texture