Find out why quartz countertops are a perfect stone substitute in Toronto

quartz countertops choices in Toronto

In Toronto, quartz countertops have grown in its popularity and although once unknown, it has now developed a reputation over the past 50 years as a high-end surface material. Despite so, these countertops remain in competition with natural stone and other solid surface materials as the choice of countertops in home kitchens and bathrooms.

If you are renovating your home in Toronto, quartz countertops can be the perfect stone substitute that you are searching for. Read on to learn more:

  • It is a hard, synthetic surface material that is mainly used in kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • It is an agglomerate of grounded stone material that is bound together with plastic resins and pressed into sheets
  • It has an advantage over natural stone as it does not need sealing, its resin acts as a sealant
  • The manufacturing process for these countertops is thoroughly controlled and thus, there are few imperfections
  • Popular brands that manufacture these countertops include Caesarstone, Cambria and Silestone
  • A close rival to these countertops for kitchen and bathroom countertops is a material called solid surface, which also exhibits stone-like characteristics

Is it made of Quartz?

These countertops are also commonly referred to as engineered stone counters. It is comprised of 93% stone or stone-like materials and 7% resin that is either polymeric or cement-based. It is only one of the many stone-like materials in the mixture.

According to the original quartz countertop creator, Breton, the other materials that are used include granite, marble and natural stone. These materials come from crushed waste stone that are left over in quarries or from recycled industrial waste as fragments of ceramic, glass and mirrors. Thus, these countertops are considered green and eco-friendly.

The stone-like materials of the these countertops provide the hardness and lack of porosity that makes it an ideal surface for everyday wear-and-tear and cooking. Some Toronto quartz countertops may also include substances with antibacterial properties.

What are the Benefits?

These countertops offer many benefits and features that make it a perfect substitute for natural stone countertops, such as the following:

  • Great aesthetics: for many homeowners, the main benefit of these countertops in kitchens and bathrooms is its natural luster. Unlike laminate and some other surface materials, this material offers a deep and three-dimensional appearance that assembles natural stone.
  • Engineered appearance: as these countertops are engineered, almost any type of colour or appearance can be brought out on the surface through pigmentation and incorporate of materials, such as stone, glass and mirror.
  • Hardness: these countertops are extremely hard and thus, is a great work surface for cooking and frequently usage. It is composed of mostly stone-like materials and minerals that provide it with hardness. This is contrasted against laminate which are made with a wooden base layer and solid surface countertops that are 33% binding resins and 66% organic minerals.
  • Few imperfections: these slabs are made with a highly-controlled process that leads to predictable results and lower chances of imperfections.

If you are interested in updating your kitchen and bathroom countertops, consider quartz countertops from Quartex Surfaces Inc. as a great alternative to granite or natural stone. It offers the same wonderful aesthetics and benefits without the unpredictability of stone so that you can have your countertops exactly how you plan it.

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