Choosing The Best Tiles For Your Fireplace in Toronto

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For many, the fireplace hearth is synonymous with “comfortable home.” Due to both the ambiance they bring, and the heat they create, many are embracing modern fireplaces in Toronto homes. The new gas and electric varieties are easy to operate and maintain, while design and style possibilities are endless. Like the television, fireplaces are becoming much more center stage when planning out the design and function of a room. Even considered the “jewel” of a home’s interior, the material you choose to surround your hearth with creates a lasting impression.

Great Reasons To Use Toronto Fireplace Tile

Fireplace tile can pull together an entire room, bringing this heat feature inline with the rest of your décor theme. Without surrounding tile or stone accents, the fireplace may appear out of synch or unfinished. Another fundamental reason to complete a design look with tiles is that they aren’t flammable, so you can trust that if your fireplace puts off heat, it’s surrounded safely with appropriate material that will remain unaffected. Due to their flame-retardant nature, they can endure high temperatures. Porcelain tile, for instance, has been fire-treated and finished,so it’s naturally made to resist heat while looking great.

What Material Is Best for Fireplace Tile?

Even though there are many products you can choose to decorate your fireplace area with, porcelain tiling is the most in-demand, contemporary choice.

With porcelain, you can personalize the size of the tile, the colour and even the print. Few natural and elegant materials offer such customizable value. Many people wish to use high-end, luxury materials such as marble when surrounding a room focal point, yet there are limitations for pattern and colour, not to mention the expense and challenging maintenance. Creating an entire assembly or just a small area around the fireplace itself are all possible,and your creative and artistic taste will guide your tile work with porcelain.

Porcelain tile has quickly become the go-to product for fireplaces. It can resemble polished marble, textured and varied in colour, and be finished in a variety of coatings that seal in the look of any texture, colour, print or fabric.

This versatility allows you to complement existing materials in your room while ensuring a long-lasting and fire-safe installation. The lightweight of your tiling may be deceiving, but you can trust that it is strong and damage resistant – on top of stylish, of course. Being a lighter product adds to the ease with which people can use this popular design product. It’s simple to lift, cut and work with which dramatically extends its creative uses for DIY savvy customers.

If you want to bring warmth and comfort to your home in Toronto with a fireplace, your next purchase should be elegant and resilient porcelain tile. If you have an existing fire feature that needs rejuvenation, you may be surprised by how dramatically you can transform the look and style of this valuable feature using porcelain. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and show you numerous options at our Quartex showroom.

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