Can I Put Tiles On My Fireplace in Toronto?

So much of what makes your homeinvitingrevolves around the fireplace. It sets the mood and is a stylish focal point for your entire room. The materials surrounding it need to be as tough as they are beautiful, something ceramic and porcelain tile prides itself on.To make the most of this elegant, quality design material for your Toronto fireplace, you’ll need to know what proper selection and installation of tile require.

Where Can Fireplace Tile Go?

Fireplaces in Toronto, and across the world all have a firebox, a surround and a hearth. A firebox houses the actual fire and must be surrounded with materials that meet building safety code. Tile can’t quite handle that type of heat, but just outside on the surround, tile shines.

The front facing part of your fireplace is called the surround. This is the feature that is the most visible, and it needs to have sufficient durability to handle the firebox’s heat while still looking attractive. Tile is the perfect material for this purpose. You have the freedom to achieve nearly any design or style you wish for the fireplace surround. At Quartex, we offer porcelain tiles that mimic natural stones like travertine and terracotta, or even metal and wood. The colour palette and design you choose will elevate your fireplace to a showstopping feature.

The hearth is also an excellent location for tile. Accounting for space below and in front of your firebox, the hearth needs to be a durable and non-flammable material. It protects your home from sparks, debris and embers as functioning as a seating or décor surface in many cases. Tiling on your hearth doesn’t need to be the same as your surround. In fact, many of the most exciting designs utilize different styles of tile for each section respectively. Through mixing, matching and colouring, the sky is the limit with our available selection of tiling for your home fireplace needs. We also offer accent pieces, trim and moulding to help you create a uniquepiece.

What Kind of Tiles Can You Use?

There are quite a few different types of tiling, so which is right for you? Most wall tile is suitable, but porcelain is the best choice. Fantastic for high-temperature applications, applicable for backsplashes and luxurious to the eye, porcelain is a high-end looking finishing material without being overly costly.

Heat Resistance

Porcelain, like ceramic, stands up to some of the highest temperatures and has a multitude of options available simply due to how popular it is. Due to the nature of any stone tiling, you can expect durability, elegant looks and flame-retardance.

Federal building codes dictate what is acceptable for tile installations on fireplaces, and they can change depending on locality. Ask one of our professionals about Toronto fireplace code and what it will mean for your porcelain fueled ambitions. The experts at Quartex would be happy to help. Come visit our expansive showroom today.

Stain Resistant

Natural Durability

Low Maintenance

Colour & Texture