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The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in a home; thus, when it comes to designing a bathroom, it is necessary to consider both its functionality and design appeal.

Bathroom Vanities

The vanity in particular is often both the centerpiece of the bathroom and its most used piece of furniture, which means it needs to be able to stand the test of time in addition to matching your aesthetic goals for the space. When it comes to bathroom vanities, quartz is the most durable and versatile countertop material available. At Quartex Surfaces, conveniently located in Toronto, we offer a variety of beautiful and resilient quartz countertops that will suit any style and budget.

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One of the greatest advantages of quartz is its versatility. Regardless of your design style, there is a quartz countertop that will suit your taste. While many people associate quartz with contemporary design, at Quartex Surfaces, we carry quartz in a variety of finishes, which suit every style from modern to traditional. We believe that your bathroom vanity should be both functional and beautiful; our selection of quartz countertops allows you to customize your vanity to reflect your individual style. From pebble beach to river rock white, sweet mocha, or midnight smoke, we carry quartz in a range of colours and designs both natural and bold, so your dream bathroom vanity can become a reality. Our quartz is also available in a number of different finishes, which enables you to further customize your design. For example, we offer both a high gloss, polished finish and a sandblasted or embossed finish. In addition, our knowledgeable customer care team can help you choose the most suitable height and edge profile for your bathroom vanity, whether that is bevel, ogee, bullnose or chaufer. Our attention to detail will help ensure that your bathroom vanity fits in beautifully with your bathroom design and surpasses your expectations.


When it comes to bathroom countertops, quartz is ranked as the best choice of material due to its durability. Quartz scores an incredible 7.0 on Moh’s Hardness Scale, which is a measurement used to appraise scratch resistance. To put that number into context, only materials such as diamonds, sapphires, and topaz rank higher. While quartz closely resembles marble, another popular countertop material, it is a much more resilient option, which is resistant to water, chips, cracks, and stains due to its non-porous nature. As a result, it is perfect for busy families. Its non-porous nature will also give you peace of mind, as you can feel confident that the bathroom countertops you and your family members use daily will not harbor bacteria, mold, mildew or other microorganisms, unlike marble, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. This incredibly hygienic material is also easy to maintain. In fact, it can be quickly cleaned with warm water, a soft cloth or towel, and a bit of soap. While many other countertops on the market require frequent sealing, waxing or polishing in order to maintain their appearance, quartz does not need to be sealed.

At Quartex Surfaces, we guarantee the quality and durability of our quartz products, which is why they come with a “lifetime limited warranty,” against manufacturer defects. This enables our customers to feel confident in the longevity of their investment.

Caring for your Quartz Bathroom Vanity

While perusing our website gives you an idea of the range of quartz we carry, visiting our state of the art showroom is the best way to see the wide array of beautiful quartz countertops that we offer. Our dedicated and knowledgeable customer care team would be happy to walk you through our collection to help you find the best countertop for your bathroom vanity. However, our service won’t stop there; we will be there for you through every step of your bathroom renovation, from the design process to the installation and beyond. Should you have any questions or concerns at any point, we are always here to help and are only satisfied when you are.

Selecting a bathroom vanity can be overwhelming, as there are many materials to choose from. At Quartex Surfaces, what sets us apart from all competitors is our exceptional quality, vast selection, and dedication to providing exceptional customer care. To see what makes us unique and to take the first step towards your dream bathroom, we welcome you to contact us to schedule a consultation at 905-482-7082 or toll free at 1-844- 9QUARTZ or drop by our showroom, conveniently located in Toronto.

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