4 Design Trends To Help You Tile Your Fireplace in Toronto


As winter comes around again, the fireplace roars to life, bringing the ultimate in-home comfort for the chilly season. As you curl up in front of your fireplace in Toronto, you might notice that it’s looking a little out of date with the rest of your home. If your fireplace needs a face lift, let us motivate you with some simple ideas about how to do it beautifully.

Brick Layouts:

A timeless pick, brick fireplace surrounds and mantles give off the classic, cozy vibes that many people associate with a hearth. With over 24 different colours to choose from, you can pull off the effect of a historic home or century elegance.

Brick layouts are quite common and a very safe choice if you haven’t decided exactly what you would like from a fireplace. With brick, you can achieve contemporary or weathered, rustic or refined looks. You can’t go wrong.

Tile Layouts:

Ceramic tile has proven itself a wonderful match for fireplace boxes and hearths. As ceramic allows you to play with your desired colours, sizes, pattern or even shape, there’s no doubt you can find a good match for your Toronto fireplace.

The customization available to you when working with ceramic tiling is nearly endless. Ask our tiling experts for tips and advice on how to get the most out of your tile and pull off the fireplace of your dreams.

Hand Painted Layouts:

With a considerable multitude of patterns to pick and choose from, hand painted tiles are sure to make the definitive statement you want for your home’s design. Whether used sparingly, or dramatically, you can expect an absolutely stunning and one-of-a-kind outcome. Allow our professionals here at Quartex fulfill your greatest colouring dreams and create the hand painted tile pattern that will set your fireplace apart as a statement piece in the room.

Hand painted layouts communicate an extra touch of personality to your home. A very bold option, these tiles take the customization of design materials to a new level. Come visit our showroom and see what’s possible.

Mosaic Layouts:

Mosaic tiling makes an excellent textured fireplace surround. For smaller areas, pint-sized tiling can be a very effective way to pull off a delicate or exotic pattern. Not sure exactly what you want? Work alongside our experts to figure out the best way to get the look you want for your Toronto Fireplace.

The amount of control you have when working with such small tiling is nearly endless. Allowing you to develop artistic design and harmony with the other décor elements in your home, pint-sized tiling is the definitive choice for a homeowner who wants to have their imagined design come to life in detail.

Quartex offers a wide array or finishing trim and decorative pieces which can be easily added to your tile or brick creating a luxe finish.

These examples of material are just a taste of the possibilities available to you when working with one of our many professionals here at Quartex. Let us help you pull off the fireplace of your dreams with both our expert advice and an impressive selection of materials to choose from.

No matter what you select, our experts are ready to help bring comfort and contemporary, high-end design to your home.

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